The Remnants of Yesterday

Written by Anthony M. Strong
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

It was just another normal day… Until it wasn’t.

When Hayden Stone, on the way to visit his brother in New York, makes a late night stop at a lonely gas station, he has no idea his life is about to change forever. After collapsing on the way back to his car, he wakes up to a frightening new world. No electricity, no TV, no internet. Even his car won’t start.
But that’s not all. People are changing, becoming mindless killers. And worse, there are other things out there, lurking in the blackness. Monsters that should not exist.
Now Hayden, and a ragtag group of dazed survivors, must pull together to achieve the impossible.. stay alive.

Get ready for a heart pounding, hair raising, fight for survival that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Book one in the Remnants trilogy. Book two will be available Spring 2017.


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