The Penguin and the Whale (Explore! Adventure! Above and Beyond!)

Written by Lucas Hosby
Category: · Children’s Books

All Akid the penguin has ever wanted to do is to fly in the air like other birds. But everyone knows penguins can’t fly, right? Even so, Akid won’t give up no matter what.

His life changes when he makes friends with a great big whale named Port. They work together to see how they can make Akid’s dreams come true. How will they do it, exactly? You have to read the story to find out.

If you like fun and playful stories with happy endings, this is the kind of story for you. It is a story with a fantastic lesson for all ages. This story is about never giving up on your dreams.

“The Penguin and the Whale” can also be read inside of the collected stories titled “Explore! Adventure! Above and Beyond!: Fun-Loving Inspirational Animal Stories for Daytime, Nighttime, and Playtime”. These are many positive and heartwarming stories with great lessons for all ages.


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