The Noodle Kittens Art Series

Written by Ryoko San
Category: · Arts & Photography

In a whirlwind tour which includes thirteen stops, the Noodle Kittens explore a variety of artists, art works, and art movements. Most of the stops are at points located within the modern art movement; however, there are a few enticing detours into other periods of art history. Join the clowder as they embark on a journey through Expressionism, Art Nouveau, Cubism, Suprematism, Art Deco, Neo-Plasticism, Regionalism, Concrete Art, Pop Art, Conceptual Art, Pop Surrealism, and Graffiti Art with a finale that is inspired by the Renaissance and Wonderland.

*NOTE: As with most, if not all, art books, The Noodle Kittens Art Series is best viewed on a Kindle App that features full color rather than black and white.


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