The Mad Hatter: The Role of Mercury in the Life of Lewis Carroll

Written by Mary Hammond

The Mad Hatter is an exploration of the possibility that Lewis Carroll was exposed to mercury in the course of his lifetime. If you read this book, you may come to believe, as I do, that Lewis Carroll’s mad Hatter was based on a man he knew intimately well, himself, and that not only did Lewis Carroll suffer from mercury poisoning, but it was very likely the cause of many of his disabilities and ailments. On the lighter side, the book also includes a chapter examining and proposing an answer to the hatter’s riddle. Why is a raven like a writing desk? Because one is nevar backwards and the other is always for words. (No, this is not another joke answer. A video explaining my answer and the reasoning which supports it can be found on my author page.) And so,… if you believe that an unknown indie author can possibly have something new to say on the subject of Lewis Carroll, please join me for an interesting and thought provoking look at the life of one of our most beloved historical figures. Skeptics will be interested to find that all claims made are backed by solid citations which are included for reference.


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