The Little Blue Digger and the Strongest Truck – A Mighty Construction Site Story for 2-5 Year Olds

Written by Harriet Tuppen
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“My name’s Heavy Black. I’m here to flatten the road,” boomed the new arrival. “By the way, I’m the strongest truck in Builders Town.”

But Strong Green doesn’t agree. Isn’t she the strongest truck in Builders Town?! And so a feud starts between the strong bulldozer and the heavy steamroller. But the other team members soon get tired of listening to the arguing and Little Blue hatches a plan to teach the boastful pair a lesson. Young readers and their parents will enjoy the comical results as the plan unfolds and the two bickering trucks are finally taught to appreciate each other’s differing strengths!

The Little Blue Digger books are a series of beautifully illustrated construction site stories for 2 – 5 year olds. They will be loved by young fans of construction site vehicles, who enjoy watching different diggers and trucks at work!

Readers will get to know Little Blue (a very little excavator), Big Yellow (a slightly stern backhoe), Strong Green (a hard-working bulldozer), Tall Orange (a wobbly crane) and Wide Red (a slightly vain dump truck).

Fun and entertaining stories for children and parents to enjoy together, The Little Blue Digger books also carry gentle and important messages of friendship, inclusion and acceptance of differences. They are perfect for reading aloud at bedtime!


The characters in The Little Blue Digger series are brought to life by illustrator, Branislav Gapic, who gives each of the vehicles its own charming personality. Branislav starts by drawing and colouring the pictures by hand and then he filters them in Photoshop to achieve a unique, child-friendly style.

Intended for young readers, the pictures are simple and colourful, but they also contain additional fun details that will amuse young children and encourage discussion. See if you can spot the grumpy traffic cone that just had a rock bounce off his head in The Little Blue Digger, the hydrant who is so cold he can only spurt ice cubes in The Little Blue Digger and the Christmas Tree and the antics of the mud-loving pigs in The Little Blue Digger and the Very Muddy Day!

About The Author

Harriet Tuppen recently left her corporate role to work from home and spend more time with her three children. Having a little more time on her hands (though not nearly as much as she’d expected!), she thought it would be fun and meaningful to write a book for her littlest one’s 3rd birthday. What does little Oliver like…? Diggers…check! Anything blue…check! And so The Little Blue Digger series was conceived.

Harriet really hopes that you enjoy reading The Little Blue Digger stories with your young reader(s) as much as she enjoys reading them with Oliver and his sisters!

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