The Legacy of a Mexican Patriarch: The shared narrative of the New Majority—the U.S. Latino community—through the life of Don Alejandro Cadena

Written by Rocio Cadena

From the Author:

It is a special yet turbulent moment for Latinos in the U.S. We are approaching the tipping point – politically and with our buying power. We are becoming an unstoppable force. However, as our influence continues to grow, many feel threatened. The steady increase in populations of color in the country signifies the imminent collapse of White Privilege. For the first time in American history, the majority – White Caucasians – will become the minority.

The collective fear and hate disseminated and perpetuated by the Trump Administration is a somber reaction to this phenomenon. This demographic shift is causing unfounded pandemonium, paranoia and xenophobia.

To combat the rise in hate towards otherness, towards the groups that will comprise the New Majority, our nation desperately needs to hear – with open ears and hearts – the diverse narratives of communities of color. Only understanding and compassion can serve as antidotes to this dark social-political period in our country’s history.

As Americans, we need to remember that we always were (and still are) a nation of immigrants. We need to hear the whole story of the U.S., the one in which Latinos are portrayed as an integral part of the American fabric. In The Legacy of a Mexican Patriarch, the life story of Don Alejandro Cadena is told, which is simply a reflection of the untold story of the millions of Latinos living and working in the United States. This biographical narrative is a response to the political strife and chaos unfolding in our nation. This book will serve to spark a dialogue about the New Majority and the New America to come.

Let’s not resist the inevitable and welcome this exciting transition. Let’s (really) celebrate our shared differences.


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