The Keepers (Connor Chronicles Book 1)

Written by Dormaine G

After being gifted with unimaginable abilities, Connor’s life changes. Once thrilled by her newfound powers, she realizes such capabilities come with a heavy price.

But she’s not alone. When Connor learns of others like her, she sets on a path of discovery to find her true origin. After being hit with the cold, hard reality that her life has been filled with lies and deception, a new world unravels around her.

The dreaded Inhumans, who have been inhabiting Earth for longer than anyone can remember, are coming for her and her friends. And among them is one especially powerful adversary… only known as Ronin.

Praise for THE KEEPERS:
“Witty and engaging… very curious to see where the next book takes us.” – Nicholas C. Rossis, author
“An excellent book for all ages… looking forward to the sequel!” – Clarissa Simmens, Amazon review


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