The Hidden Island (Tales from Mysterion Book 1)

Written by Richard Garcia Morgan

He went searching for his father. He discovered another world.

When Jonah’s father Francis goes missing, Jonah refuses to believe he is dead. With the help of a wise elder, he learns that Francis is a prisoner of the evil Djinn in Mysterion, a world long hidden from human eyes.

Using the power of a magic lamp, Jonah finds his way into Mysterion, where he meets Azrel, the many-winged, sharp-tongued Angelus. With Azrel’s help, Jonah must get past a man-eating giant, and find the Hidden Island where his father is being held. Can he finally defeat the Djinn and save his father from slavery?

This is the first book in Richard Garcia Morgan’s Young Adult Fantasy series, Tales from Mysterion. If you liked The Neverending Story and Chronicles of Narnia, you’ll love this coming of age adventure in a world of mythical talking creatures, magic, and high adventure.


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