The Hero, The Sword and The Dragons: The Chronicles of Dragon Series 1 (Book 1 of 10)

Written by Craig Halloran

Savior Or Destroyer?

The son of Balzurth the Dragon King, Nath Dragon, is a hot-tempered youth still trapped in human form, but he knows what he must do to earn his scales. Dragons throughout Nalzambor are being hunted, enslaved, and killed by poachers, and the young warrior is duty-bound to venture forth into the world of orcs, elves, ogres, and men to rescue his endangered dragon kin.

˃˃˃ Dangers Await The Dragon Prince

But there are unforeseen dangers for the unsuspecting dragon prince beyond the sanctuary of the Mountain of Doom. The sinister machinations of High Priestess Selene and the Clerics of Barnabus threaten all of dragonkind. In a moment of violent fury, Nath is lost to the dark side and cursed for all time.

˃˃˃ One Last Hope

Yet one slim hope remains, as Nath–armed with the magical sword called Fang and in the company of his ally, Brenwar the Dwarf–sets out on a perilous path toward salvation. At its end, the ultimate battle awaits him, when he will have to confront the powerful evil of the Clerics and his own corrupted nature. If Nath fails, his noble race is doomed.

˃˃˃ The Groundbreaking Introduction To The Bestselling “The Chronicles of Dragon” Series

This fantastic adventure, set in a breathtaking world of war, magic, peril, and dragons, solidifies bestselling author Craig Halloran’s reputation as one of the most exciting voices in fantasy fiction today. Enter the world of Nalzambor–where a young dragon prince in human form must battle a fiendish conspiracy of magic to regain his soul–and discover why this author has already earned a legion of wildly devoted fans.

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