The Greek Maiden and the English Lord (CLEAN Historical Sweet Romance)

Written by Patty Apostolides

In 1831, France, Gypsy Mirela has a portent dream that reveals the future. It is time for 16 year old Lily, her adopted granddaughter, to learn the truth about her hidden past. Mirela tells her that she had been kidnapped during the Greek revolution when she was young. Her true parents are a Greek heiress and a wealthy English nobleman.

Shocked by the news, Lily is propelled forward into a new world, in search for her parents. In England, a cousin informs her that her mother died during the war and her father is away to the Indies. Due to her uncouth ways, Lily is sent to a boarding school in York to become a “lady.” There, Lily meets handsome Edward Grant, the landowner’s son, and falls in love with him, but he is engaged to another.

To make matters worse, Lily’s father is reported dead from a shipwreck, which sets Lily’s whole world reeling. Penniless, Lily’s gypsy past comes back to haunt her when the mistresses of the boarding school find out about her gypsy past. Lily is forced to work at the boarding school as a maid to pay her tuition. Her determination to do what is right and honest earns her respect in Edward’s eyes; enough to ask her to be his aunt’s companion.

Will their close proximity spark a love in Edward’s heart, a love strong enough to break the ties of his engagement with the other woman and claim Lily as his own?

A surprise ending that culminates in a dramatically touching scene, brings happiness to all.


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