The Girl With 1000 Lovers

Written by Jazziblack Walker

To some, her family was the picture of  perfection, but to others, her home was a cesspool of dysfunction. Despite this, her family – a perfect vicade – provided an ample buffer from a mean world. But then, something happened that would tear her family apart and alter the course of her future.  

From the moment she was born, Jazzi has always been a grey sheep. With boundless creativity and spunk, and a mouth and attitude like her sharp-tongued mother, Jazzi could have been anything. But life would have it that Jazzi would end up as every father’s nightmare.  

“If you asked me then what I wanted to be, it definitely wouldn’t be this. I would have probably said that I wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, or something else. Not this.” 

The Girl with 1000 Lovers explores Jazzi’s formative years, details her experience in gang, and explores her years as a prostitute. Filled with subtle social commentary and written with honesty and unflinching candor, Jazzi’s story reminds us that her story could be our reality. This gritty, stunning, matter-of-fact, straight-to-the-point tale exposes the underbelly of the sex-trafficking world, and takes us on a journey of the less-than-glamorous life of a sister, a daughter, a mother, and a hoe. 


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