The Fountain of Living Waters: Learn to Fellowship with the Holy Spirit and Experience Intimacy With God

Written by Pablo Perez
Category: · Children’s Books

How to Engage the Holy Spirit and Grow in Intimacy with Jesus. Inside FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATERS you will learn:

  • The Secrets of Your Burning Heart
  • The Core Human Dilemma
  • From Survival to Fellowship
  • The Never Ending Encounter
  • Falling in Love with a Harlot
  • The Most Important Question of Your Life
  • The Gospel in One Word
  • The Ravished Heart of God
  • Knowing and Believing (2 Different Things)
  • The 5-Dimensional Mystery of Hardwired Faith
  • Eyewitness of God’s Majesty

» Truly, you were made for God, designed to love Him and be loved by Him—the magnificence of God’s person is your birthright and inheritance—you exist to be fascinated by His beauty, allured by His love and His presence is the environment you were created for.

» Yet, it’s easy for you and I to live disconnected from this heavenly atmosphere. We navigate through life believing lies that we were told are true, feeling emotions that reflect those lies and overheating our minds with the cares of this world. 

» As if this weren’t enough, an ocean of distractions threatens your sanity. Multitudes of voices call for your attention: “Come here and find life!”, “Follow me!”, “Buy this; it will cure your pain”. Both, the media and savvy marketers have identified your thirst. They understand your “emotional brain” and how to seduce your longings for profit…

» Own your copy today. The Fountain of Living Waters can revolutionize your life and deepen your relationship with God. 


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