The Event

Written by Jamie Heppner
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Humanity saw it coming, but where can you go to hide from the sun?

People tried, but as the world turned, so did its inhabitants.
Most of humanity simply disappeared, they were the lucky ones. The survivors were changed, twisted, transformed. Some became like the walking dead while others turned into beings only heard of in stories.

The moon shattered under the heavenly assault. Some of its fragments fell to earth and took on a vibrant glow, as if they had captured some of the power that had destroyed them. And as a final slap in the face for humanity, electricity stopped flowing. Civilization ground to a halt.
Of the few survivors, two stood out. Dawn and Donovan. Twins in blood only, Dawn looked for peace, but Donovan cared for himself above all. And in this world he now had more power than he knew what to do with.
But like all who quest for power, sometimes just when you think you have everything you could ever want, someone comes along to take it all away. And keeping your enemies close means you have to always watch for the blade in the night.


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