The Evening That Never Came: Bedtime Book

Written by Valeria Simpson
Category: · Children’s Books

Did you know that in the sky, among the clouds, there are 4 brothers who are watching to make sure that morning, day, night and evening are on time to succeed each other? They paint the sky in different colors and thanks to them we always know what time it is now. But what happens if one of the brothers suddenly disappears? And the evening will never come again? Let’s find the Evening Brother with the rest of our brothers.
The tale “Evening that Never Comes” helps your child to prepare for bed and realize that in order to have fun you need to take a good rest. Warm watercolor illustrations also help to calm the nervous system and develop a good aesthetic taste of your child.

    The book “Evening that never comes” is not only an entertaining fairy tale, but also a therapeutic text that will help your child to understand that:

  • All people are individual
  • Everyone’s work is valuable and indispensable
  • Each person has a unique talent

Have a good time while reading!


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