The Door of Dreams: A Young Adult Dark Fantasy Adventure (The Chronicles of Willow Grey Book 1)

Written by Greg James

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Willow Grey. The doctors had told her she was sick and she wasn’t going to get better. But then, she found the magical land of Tirlane!
In Tirlane, she meets Henu, the sprightly wizard of the woods. He tells her of the Lamia; a demon who has cursed the land. In order to save Tirlane and herself, Willow must face the Lamia. Will she be able to overcome her darkest fears and find a happy ending? Or will she become lost in fantasy forever?

A brand new series of YA dark fantasy adventures from the author of the best-selling Age of the Flame Trilogy!
Book Two, Voyage of the Pale Ship, and Book Three, All Things True, are NOW available!


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