The Despicable Five – Five Infuriating Beginning Pottery Problems and Their Solutions

Written by Steve McDonald
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Pottery making is a fun and rewarding craft. However, beginning potters, new to throwing on the wheel, face a very steep learning curve. The steepness of this learning curve causes many would-be ceramic artists to quit just before they reach the top of the hill.

The Despicable Five was designed to teach you how to overcome the five most infuriating and insidious problems that every beginning potter will face.

These ceramic catastrophes can hit you on your first day working with clay, or after you have thrown pots a hundred times. Armed with the knowledge in this little guide, you’ll be able to overcome these ceramic challenges in a fraction of the time.

You can read this guide in an hour or two, but it is packed with tips and tricks to drastically improve your experience as a beginning potter.

The Despicable Five are:

– The Centering Death Wobble

– An Ugly Bottom (too thin or a volcano forming in the center)

– Pinching through the Walls (the most insidious)

– Cracks in the Bottom of the Pot (you only notice AFTER the pot is finished)

– Wobbly Walls (why won’t my pot come up straight?)

All of these problems are solved in the book, with additional tips and advice along the way.

** New! Added June 24th, 2013**
Bonus link to 8 pottery videos that I created to help you see the correct techniques for the whole throwing process from start to finish.


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