The Curse (The Windore Series Book 2)

Written by Valya Boutenko

A wizard who cannot use magic, Wendell is a gifted teenager who accidentally plunges his world in to an era of danger and hardship. Cursed by his master to create a small but heavy stone every time he casts a spell, the boy soon discovers that the stones he carries render him immortal. Determined to set things right, Wendell risks losing the love of his life, and the only woman who knows the truth, for the chance to undo his mistake—but nothing goes according to plan. While fighting to protect the world he doomed, Wendell discovers an abandoned child in the woods and his life takes an unexpected turn into fatherhood. Trying hard to keep from becoming the evil wizard everyone believes him to be, Wendell must make heroic sacrifices and learn to become truly selfless in order to undo the one fatal mistake of his youth.


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