The Colour of Poison: A Sebastian Foxley Medieval Murder Mystery (Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery Series Book 1)

Written by Toni Mount
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

The first Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery by Toni Mount.

The narrow, stinking streets of medieval London can sometimes be a dark place. Burglary, arson, kidnapping and murder are every-day events. The streets even echo with rumours of the mysterious art of alchemy being used to make gold for the King.

Join Seb, a talented but crippled artist, as he is drawn into a web of lies to save his handsome brother from the hangman’s rope. Will he find an inner strength in these, the darkest of times, or will events outside his control overwhelm him?

Only one thing is certain – if Seb can’t save his brother, nobody can.

Interview with the Author

What makes the Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery Series special?

In my Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery Series, I’ve used my personal research of the medieval period to recreate the dark and dangerous London of the 15th century. These historical touches bring authenticity to my historical thrillers and mysteries, recreating the everyday life that my protagonist Sebastian Foxley would have experienced.

What order should the books be read in?

Each book is a stand-alone story, but in my first medieval mystery, The Colour of Poison, we are introduced to all of the main characters, when Sebastian is in the greatest need of help and support. The second in my mystery series, The Colour of Gold, is a short story which acts as a bridge between The Colour of Poison and the next full-length book in the series, The Colour of Cold Blood.

Why should readers give your medieval mysteries a try?

I have established a considerable reputation as a historian and writer of several non-fiction works, which look at both ordinary lives in medieval London, as well as the medicine of the period. With my professional scientific background and a detailed knowledge of art, I have been able to create thrilling situations populated with believable characters who can use the science and knowledge of the period to solve their mysteries. As you’ll soon find out, you will be taken to a world from the past in my Sebastian Foxley Medieval Murder Mystery Series.

I hope you’ll give the series a try!


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