The Children of Wisdom Trilogy

Written by Stephanie Erickson

This omnibus edition includes all three books in The Children of Wisdom Trilogy (The Fate, The Reaper, and The Human). It’s over 500 pages of spinners, reapers, love, loss, magic, mythology, hell, and demons.

The Fate (Book 1)

The thread of life is a delicate thing. It is so easily broken…

My name is Penn, and I’m a spinner. As one of the three Fates, it’s easy for me to know the plans for the lives of the humans. Mine, on the other hand, is a bit foggier. I guess things started to get out of control when I spun her—Kismet. My focus shifted, one thing led to another, and I wound up banished to Earth.

You’d think it’d be pretty hard to surprise me, but after my banishment, they just kept hitting me like a one-two knockout punch. When the people around me started dying before their time, I knew something was very wrong and I had to do whatever I could to set it right. The one thing I didn’t know was…what is the true fate of a Fate?

The Reaper (Book 2)

“The Thread of life is a delicate thing. It is so easily broken…”

My name is Michaela, and I’m a Reaper. I help the humans transition from their home on Earth after they die. Up until a short time ago, things were going well. But then, one of our best Fates was banished to Earth, people started dying before their time, and things went rapidly downhill from there.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I found seven misplaced souls trapped in the depths of hell. It didn’t matter to me who had put them there, or even why they had. All I knew was I had to get them out. I couldn’t just leave them there to suffer.

Who knew trying to find out and fix what had gone so horribly wrong would end with me surrounded by misfit Fates while racing through the depths of hell? Trying to save not only the seven trapped souls, but also the entire human race, is not exactly in my job description…

The Human (Book 3)

“The thread of life is a delicate thing. It is so easily broken…”

Michaela’s gone. Disappeared. And I’m lost without her.

She left to bring a child into the heavens and vanished, along with two Archangels. As I search for answers, I keep uncovering more questions. Why is the human cutting threads? How do we stop her? More importantly, how can I save Michaela?

I’m trapped. The human took me. And Penn has no idea where I am. That woman, she… well, I’m not even sure what she did. All I know is one minute, the Archangels were there, and the next, they weren’t. She’s proving to be a powerful adversary, that’s for sure.

With a child just added to the prison, I need to find my way out of here to end this. More than just their souls depend on me.

The fate of the Earth will not crumble at the hands of a mere human.


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