The Burden of Truth

Written by Peter Best

A gripping suspense novel that takes you around the world 

Egocentric Brent Sandler knows he needs to change his life for the better.  He’s hit rock bottom, penniless and in deep trouble as he discovers an awful tragedy lying in wait. The problem is, he knows this tragedy is all down to him and his past actions. Now he’s determined to put things right as the consequences of these actions are rapidly making their mark. 

Meanwhile in Bodhgaya India, Peter Cannon has just made a shocking discovery that will change his life forever. Like Brent, he must come to terms with his guilt. But his past, his secret and the woman he loves are slowly hunting him down.

And if they find him, questions will be asked.

The tale of The Burden of Truth is a suspenseful thriller of how these two men are pulled apart and then drawn together as each man tries to fulfil his own quest for happiness. But they are soon to find out this quest is thwarted with love, as well as danger, and both are lurking just around the corner.

What readers are saying: 

“A riveting read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Fast moving interwoven strands all come together in the climactic finish.”

“The Burden of Truth is one of those rarities, enjoyable on two levels, both as an action-filled page-turner and as a book to make the reader think.”

“A complex and intriguing read”


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