The Brick Wall: Redtails Hockey

Written by Stephanie Julian
Category: · Romance

He’s crashing hard and needs the perfect distraction

Redtails Hockey goaltender Shane Conrad had been having a great year…until recently. His slump couldn’t happen at a worse time. He needs to get his head in the game, not find a woman to screw with it. Until he meets Bliss Vescovi. She’s hot as hell in bed and smart enough out of it to realize their affair will end with the season.

She was supposed to be a one-night stand…

Bliss isn’t looking for a commitment, especially not from an intense, driven man used to control. Her ex’s need for control had nearly made her his emotional slave and she’s sworn she’ll never give another man that kind of hold over her again. But a one-night stand with a hot hockey player who won’t be around forever? Totally doable.

Do they have what it takes for forever?

Until Shane’s off-beat humor and killer smile get around the guard on her heart. And Bliss’s warmth opens up a life beyond the ice. When Shane gets called up to the NHL, Bliss knows their affair is finished.But Shane won’t go down without a fight. His nickname is Brick Wall for a good reason…


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