The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly Home: A Gay Teen Coming of Age Paranormal Adventure about Witches, Murder, and Gay Teen Love (The Broom Closet Stories Book 2)

Written by Jeff Jacobson
Category: · Teens & Young Adult


Prior to July 2017 “The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly Straight” and “The Boy Who Could Fly Home” were one book and has now been separated into these two books to make them more accessible. If you purchased “The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly Straight” prior to July 2017 and are looking for the next book in this series then you’ll want book 3, available early 2018.

What if you were the only one between an evil witch and everything you love? 

Newly initiated into witchcraft, high school sophomore Charlie Creevey’s abilities are out of control. He can see things happening in people’s homes on the other side of town, and inanimate objects fly across the room and smash into walls.

With the help of his aunt, he learns to control his new skills, and pours himself fully into the craft. However, his awakened abilities have been noticed by the murderous witch, Grace.

At the same time, he and Diego Ramirez finally admit their feelings for each other, leading to Charlie’s first relationship and the challenges of gay teen love. Tiptoeing out of the closet, Charlie wants to pull Diego closer to him, but keeps him at arm’s length to safeguard the secret that he is a witch.

Grace and her coven continue their kidnapping and killing sprees across the Pacific Northwest, terrorizing Charlie’s witch community and drawing him deeper and deeper into the evil coven’s plans.

Constantly outwitting Charlie, Grace eventually lures him into the full horror of her schemes. Can gay teen witch Charlie survive and save his loved ones or will he be pulled over to the dark side and lose everything dear to him?


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