The Bold Maneuver: The Working Woman’s Playbook to Getting Ahead, Going Further, and Achieving Greater Success

Written by Callie Cummings
Category: · Business & Money

Mean girls get ahead. Nice girls don’t get rich. All those old clichés about women with power: ALL LIES!

No one ever told you it was going to be this frustrating moving up the corporate ladder. Words like bossy, b*tch, high-maintenance, and irrational seem to creep in when you try to Lean In.

But you feel your kindness is being taken for weakness, and worse it’s getting in the way of your success. You find yourself being taken advantage of and your time being taken for granted. And let’s be honest, your work-life balance is non-existent because for the third time this week you’re left in the office by yourself completing someone else’s work. You keep thinking, something has got to change, but have no idea where to start.

In The Bold Maneuver, Callie Cummings brings you an engaging no-nonsense, non-apologetic playbook for creating influence and earning respect at work. With an M.A. in Global Leadership and thousands of leadership hours under her belt, to include leading an all male combat force in Afghanistan, Callie provides life-tested strategies to finding your voice and making it in the professional world as a woman.

If you can’t seem to find that balance between being nice and making shift happen, The Bold Maneuver leads you through the process of:

  • Deciphering the office politics that no one likes to talk about
  • Letting go of the fear of being labeled
  • Creating influence and moving up

The Bold Maneuver helps you find your power and voice through all of the struggles that come with real life and work. If you’re tired of all the fluff and are ready be taken seriously, open up and find out achieve The Bold Maneuver!


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