The Best of Bruce Lee: Life Lessons from the Most Influential Hong Kong Dragon Martial Artist: Bruce Lee Revealed (Jeet kune do, Bruce Lee, Fighting Methods, … Hong kong, Martial arts, Wing Chun Book 1)

Written by Larry Berg

Learn the Best of Bruce Lee’s Wisdom, Philosophy, and Life Lessons in both Martial Arts and in Life

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Bruce Lee is the Iconic Chinese Martial Arts Superstar in the 1960s and 1970. He single handed revolutionized how Chinese Kung Fu was portrayed in Western Films. With films such as Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury, he showed off his outstanding martial arts skills. With his fame, he promoted the philosophy of Jeet Kune Do and how it relates to life.

In this book, we will explore Bruce Lee’s personality, values, principles, work ethic, and mentors in detail. This is about the best life lessons taught by the most influential Hong Kong dragon martial artist. His secrets will be revealed once and for all.

Come and learn Bruce Lee’s life lessons for yourself and apply it in your daily life!

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* the key to immortality
* the biography of Bruce Lee
* how did Bruce spark an interest in martial arts?
* Bruce’s view on Yip Man, his first martial arts teacher
* Bruce Lee and street fighting?
* Bruce’s fighting philosophy
* Jeet Kune Do, the style with no style
* Lee’s view on traditional martial arts and their drawbacks
* Bruce Lee’s major injury
* Communication with Bruce Lee
* 6 Life Lessons from the Little Dragon
* and much much more!


Comments From Other Readers

“Bruce Lee is the best martial artist in the world! He even beat Chuck Norris! Besides that, he has wonderful life values for us to learn. This book covers a lot of Bruce. I couldn’t get enough!” – John. W (Seattle, USA)

“This is an outstanding short book on Bruce Lee. It goes into his views on Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu, life philosophies, and so much more. Recommended read for all.” – Chris F. (Chicago, USA)

“Bruce Lee is the reason why I got into martial arts in the first place. This is a sweet book that covers Bruce Lee and his life lessons. There is so much to learn from this guy!” – Jerry D. (Vancouver, Canada)

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