The Beast Who Loved Me: A Fairytale Retelling (Regency Fairy Twists Book 2)

Written by Samantha Holt

Isabel has spent her life being scolded for having her head in a book. If only she could find a way to help everyone around her understand her love of reading. She has no choice. She must bring books to her village. 

Even if that means braving the wrath of the Beast of Blackmoor. If Isabel is ever going to get her subscription library running, she must risk the ire of the infamous man–and the owner of one of England’s best libraries–and demand he help her build her book collection. 
But the Beast of Blackmoor has little intention of anyone gaining access to his precious library. This demanding young woman will not be getting her hands on his books…or anything else for that matter. Particularly not his heart… 
However, when Isabel finds herself confined to this mysterious duke’s house, with only the knowledge of his dastardly deeds for comfort, she begins to find that it is not only his library that interests her. Aided by his kindly servants, she learns of the circumstances behind his beastly reputation. Maybe, just maybe, he is not so beastly after all. 
When danger in the form of Isabel’s unwanted suitor darkens his doorstep, the duke must choose. Is he truly a beast or can he be the man worthy of love after all?

The Beast Who Loved Me is a sweet, clean, fairytale novella of 25,000 words.


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