The Arbiter

Written by M. M. Perry
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A corrupted mage possessed by a spirit of war unleashes his power. His fate is hers to decide.

When Drystan woke to find he had blood on his hands, he knew he had gone too far. The crime he committed normally punished by death, Drystan’s only hope is pleading his case to an Arbiter, an all but extinct breed of mage with the ability to judge their peers through powers they alone can tap. 

Prue must determine Drystan’s fate from an impartial and emotionless place, even while latent feelings begin to stir within her. Drystan, desperate to make a connection to the woman who brought him out of the darkness, must put aside his own emotions or risk corrupting the powers within Prue, destroying her completely. Time is not on their side as they find themselves entangled in a mage uprising the likes of which has never been seen before.

In a dystopian world where mages are bred and raised for a life of war and pain, Drystan and Prue’s fates become entwined. They both must decide once and for all what part they will play in the fates of all mage-kind.


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