The Ancient History of Gods and Anti-Gods: Through Agamas and Vedic Traditions

Written by L. H. Reddy
Category: · History

This book tells you the fascinating  history of Ancient World through Vedic & Agama traditions, starting 23,000BCE. The Author combines the scholarship with an archeological, geological, etymological, astronomical and DNA analysis to come up with a fascinating brand new theory to uncover the origins of Indo-Aryans. Where is the Cradle of Civilization?  What is the true Symbolism of Dashavatara? When did Mahabharata war, Ramayana, Samudra Manthan happen?  Is reincarnation or re-birth true? Who built Pyramids of Giza? What is the theory of creationism?  Which model is better, Geocentric or Heliocentric? The most advanced Astronomical observations not  done with telescope,  but with a naked eye. Learn the basics of Vedic Astronomy, that’s how the ancient civilizations survived. Learn how you can transform your life with a 15-Minute AM Yoga & Meditation. What is the real meaning of Soma?   No matter which  faith you follow, this book is for you?


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