The Amun Chamber

Written by Daniel Leston

Two thousand years ago in Egypt’s exotic city of Alexandria, the single most revered treasure of the Mediterranean would inexplicably disappear from the pages of history. Believed irretrievably lost to all but legend, few dared dream the possibility that it might still exist . . .
Until now! Guided by the discovery of an ancient artefact, a determined professor of archaeology and a beautiful New England heiress join forces in the quest of a lifetime. Overcoming treachery and deadly obstacles, they follow an ever-murderous trail that eventually leads them to a barren, desert valley containing a stunning secret — one the modern world may not yet be prepared to accept.

*1st Adventure of Professor David Manning.

About the Author:

Blending his passion, as a former student of Art and History, Mr. Leston has drawn from his background to create three great tales steeped in history, adventure and human conquest.

He is currently busy pounding the keyboard on his newest work… a continuing adventure for his beloved character from ‘The Amun Chamber” & ‘The Genghis Tomb’, Professor David Manning, scheduled for release in Fall 2013


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