The Adventures Of Two Little Ducklings – Vol 1 (Collection of 5 Stories;Perfect for Bedtime;Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Picture Book)

Written by K. K.
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In several book volumes (The Adventures Of Two Little Ducklings), the main characters are of course two little ducklings. They go through various adventures, which will teach your children important and valuable lessons in life and make it easier for them to keep a positive attitude towards tomorrow. There is also a bonus story with the cutest characters and enchanting storyline.

In the first book “There Is No Place Like Home” when the two ducklings decide to go exploring in search of a little fish that has caught the older one’s eye, they aren’t afraid of getting lost. However, when they hear about the crocodile that lives nearby, they start to think about heading home.

In the second book ”Patience Is A Virtue’’, the little ducklings decide to play a game with their new neighbor. But trouble awaits them, and what starts out as a harmless game quickly turns into a dangerous situation as they face up with a grumpy cat. How are the ducklings going to get out of this one?

Third book ‘’ He Who Dares, Wins’’ shares with us the ducklings’ first day at school! Some of their classmates are going to tell them a secret that will set off a whole chain of events, including diving lessons from their friend, the little fish. But their new friends haven’t told them everything. Don’t miss this exciting episode, and find out what awaits them on their new adventure.

In the fourth book ‘’ Be Thankful For What You Have’’ it’s almost time to go back to school after the holidays and the ducklings are unhappy that their friends always have such amazing stories to tell. They decide to have some adventures of their own, so that they have something to brag about. But when they head off into the woods, they might be dealing with more than they can handle.

Bonus story

When Hopsy, the Bunny finds out that he is going to get a baby brother, he wants to share the happy news with everyone in the forest! Unfortunately, not everyone is as happy as he is. Hopsy might have to figure out a few things before he is ready to be an older brother, and his adventures will lead to an enduring story.

All stories are proofread, free of spelling and grammatical errors, accompanied with nice colorful images making the characters,places and events live and colorful.


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