The 44 Rules of Amateur Sleuthing

Written by Jamie Nash
Category: · Children’s Books

From the writer of Nickelodeon’s SANTA HUNTERS and TINY CHRISTMAS — read the first book in this new epic middle-school detective series filled with laughs.

Twelve-year-old Mandrake Mandrake is the world’s greatest detective.

Nobody cares.

The cops take credit for all the mysteries he solves, his grandmother is more interested in his “suspect” Algebra grades, and he lives in the shadow of his parents — the most feared super villains in the history of super villainry!
But respect is on the upswing when an all-star team of gumshoes enlists Mandrake to help crack an impossible case — how did Mandrake’s dastardly father escape from an inescapable super-prison? And what evil scheme is he hatching now?

Mandrake has never met his infamous dad. In fact, he’s spent his entire life trying to distance himself from his father’s dark legacy.

But when the other master detectives are captured inside the super prison and all of its criminal occupants are unleashed on the city, Mandrake must save the day by doing the very thing he fears most – trying to understand the twisted brain of the evil mastermind father who ruined his life.

Age Level: 8- 14 | US Grade Level: 4th – 8th


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