Tender Love: A Christian Romance (The True Love Series Book 1)

Written by Juliette Duncan

A solo dad and a broken-hearted vet… fall in love with Ben and Tessa today!

Tessa Scott is an animal surgeon nursing a broken heart and questioning God’s will for her life. She finds a stray pup outside her clinic and decides to keep him. His naughty antics make her smile, but he needs training, so off to school they go.

That’s where she first meets the tall, dashing Ben Williams.

Absorbed with his work and raising his son, Ben Williams isn’t looking for love. In fact, after one failed marriage, it’s the last thing on his mind. But there’s something captivating about the beautiful young woman he meets at puppy school. She’s kind, friendly, and his son likes her.

When his counselor suggests he invite Tessa to a gala work event, Ben initially rejects the idea, but he finally summons the courage to ask her. He’s pleasantly surprised, albeit a trifle anxious, when she accepts. 

As their friendship develops, Tessa begins to question whether this really is God’s will for her life. She’s not equipped to mother a teenager, especially one as rebellious and deeply troubled as Jayden.

Although she’s falling for Ben and can’t bear the thought of not being with him, she’s terrified of making a mistake. Of getting hurt. Again. 

Can Tessa overcome her doubts and find the love, patience, and faith it takes to be with Ben?

Tender Love is Book 1 in “The True Love Series”, a faith-filled Contemporary Christian romance series set in sunny Queensland, Australia. Get your copy today and fall in love with Ben and Tessa!

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