Sweet Tales: The Adventures of Miss Jade and Britt the Kit

Written by Laurie Hyman

These four charming tales – Tony Needs A Friend, Charcoal’s Story, Harry’s Story, and The Prince of Tails — are told from the point of view of lovable cats and their city and country animal friends. Each story focuses on real life experiences and explores universal themes that are resolved with understanding, wisdom, and love by the cats and a colorful group of friends that includes dogs, horses, crows, foxes, chipmunks, and woodchucks. Sweet Tales is a perfect chapter book or read-out-loud book for animal lovers of all ages – anyone who enjoys a good tale.

Tony Needs A Friend: Jade and some of her city friends find a way to comfort a lonely boy who feels troubled and isolated because of his father’s illness.

Charcoal’s Story: Jade and Britt, along with their country friends, band together to stop a bullying tomcat who has attacked a kitten and to make sure he never does it again.

Harry’s Story: Jade and Britt devise a plan to help Harry, a horse, the beloved friend of the animal community, who is facing the possibility of leaving his home forever, find a second chapter as a carriage horse in New York’s Central Park.

The Prince of Tails: Tail, a red fox, who is concerned with the environment and issues that affect the animals in the area, seeks out Jade and Britt to help stop a land developer before lives and homes are destroyed.

“A great book… An adventure from start to finish… just, honorable morale in a small community looking out for each other.” –Bash Dibra (author of Catspeak)

“First-time author Laurie Hyman has done a terrific job with deceptively simple stories, well-told, that resonate long after their reading. Each of the stories highlights important ways friends are there for each other, and children will love the memorable animal characters.” –New York Times best-selling author David Saperstein (Cocoon, Green Devil)


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