Sweet Secrets (A Sweet Cove Mystery Book 3)

Written by J A Whiting
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

This is Book 3 in the Sweet Cove Cozy Mystery Series
Renovations begin on the Victorian mansion and lead to revelations about Professor Marion Linden and why she left the house to Angie in her will, while questions surface about the Robin’s Point land. Who really owned
the land where Nana’s cottage once stood? The Roseland sisters begin an investigation into misdeeds of the past, and with the help of their two fine felines, engage in a dangerous search for the truth.
A cozy mystery with recipes !
The main mystery is solved in each book but you will enjoy the stories more if the books are read in order as some story threads run from book to book.
This story has some mild paranormal elements.
About 200 pages in length in paperback format.

In The Sweet Cove Mystery series:
1. The Sweet Dreams Bake Shop
2. Murder So Sweet
3. Sweet Secrets
4. Sweet Deceit
5. Sweetness and Light
6. Home Sweet Home
7. Sweet Fire and Stone
And more to come !
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