Surviving Life: Through Faith, Hope and Love

Written by Melissa M. Carson

I have been blessed to share Cori’s journey through life. I have also discovered that life isn’t short of resources; it is about the opportunities that we have been given. I have found that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and doing things that used to be “outside the box” challenges the opinions of one’s single-minded beliefs. You would think that by surviving with limitations, you’re grounded or destined to only live life within your abilities and not beyond. Do not allow your restrictions to be an excuse to ground you. Do not accept that you can only live a certain life.

Cori has taught me to think of a life without boundaries. Allow the sunshine to bring warmth upon your face and smile at those who are inexperienced or misguided to the fact that you are significant—challenged, but just as important. Being impaired and nonverbal does not define your life. It’s the life that was given; this is who you are, and this is who we remain. We hope that you will perceive our journey as encouragement and inspiration, to live outside the box with no boundaries and to have faith in yourself and be certain of change. I feel that life just falls into place, since real life’s destiny is not of our own choosing. The true measure of a person’s strength is how we continue to exist when that moment does arrive. This is our journey we share with you to learn there are no limits to the life of experience a cerebral palsy child can have.


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