Summer Sky (The Blue Phoenix Series Book 1)

Written by Lisa Swallow

Sky changed her life for a man once, and she has no intention of doing it again – even if he is a six-foot, tattooed rock god who makes a mean bacon sandwich. 

***This full length book is not a standalone and has a cliffhanger. Falling Sky (Book 2) is available now. The other books in the series are standalones***

Sky Davis
 is fed up with boyfriend Grant taking her for granted, and when she comes home to find him wearing a girl, Sky suspects the relationship is over. She takes an unscheduled vacation and leaves the life (and guy) she hates behind. 

Rock star Dylan Morgan is struggling with fame and infamy, sick of his life being controlled by other people. Dylan cuts his hair and walks away from his role as lead singer of Blue Phoenix, leaving behind chaos and speculation. 

Outside the English seaside town of Broadbeach, their cars and worlds collide. 

Sky decides Dylan is an arrogant guy with too many tattoos, and Dylan is amused by the smart-mouthed girl with no idea who he is. Dylan and Sky soon discover they’ve travelled to Broadbeach for the same reason – to escape from reality and head back to a place with happy childhood memories. Losing themselves in a world where they know nothing about each other, Sky and Dylan begin a holiday romance that soon heats up their rainy English summer. 

Fantasies can’t last forever and when reality crashes the party Sky isn’t sure she wants to be more than his ‘summer Sky’ but Dylan doesn’t want to let her go. 

Returning to the real world, public scrutiny isn’t their only problem. Blue Phoenix lead guitarist, Jem Jones, has a reason for wanting Sky out of Dylan’s life, and is determined to come between them. Some things won’t stay hidden, even when they’re paid to ‘go away’. 

Summer Sky is a contemporary romance with a rock star flavour where occasionally more than the bacon sizzles, and is the first in the Amazon best-selling Blue Phoenix rock romance series about a British band.

***This book is not a standalone and has a cliffhanger. Falling Sky (Book 2) is available now and completes the story.***
The Blue Phoenix Books:

Summer Sky (Blue Phoenix #1) – Dylan & Sky
Falling Sky (Blue Phoenix #2) –  Dylan & Sky

(Book One and Book Two must be read in order)
Unplugged (Blue Phoenix#3) – Liam & Cerys
Rising (Blue Phoenix #4) – Jem & Ruby
Reverb (Blue Phoenix #5) – Bryn & Avery
Summer Star (Blue Phoenix #1.5) – Dylan (companion novella)
*Please note this book is written in UK English and includes English idiom and spelling*.


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