Summer Fling (Players of Marycliff University Book 1)

Written by Jerica MacMillan

One summer is all they have …

Lance is a notorious player on and off the football field who never sees a girl more than twice. But with graduation now behind him, his days of carefree flirting are numbered. As soon as his summer internship is over, his parents expect him to return to Texas to take his place in the family business. He’s done everything he can to delay the inevitable, and he’s determined to live it up his last summer as his own man.

Abby comes from a world where men don’t stick around. Lance’s interest does nothing but put her on guard, especially when she finds out he’ll be leaving in less than two months. With two years left of college and a mom who relies on her for everything, Abby doesn’t have the patience for relationships that are doomed from the start. But Lance’s persistence wears down her defenses. Abby convinces herself they’ll just have a summer fling, and she’ll be able to come through unscathed.

Will Abby be able to maintain her distance? Or will they both be heartbroken when the summer ends?

If you love steamy college romance featuring hot athletes and sassy heroines, check out this first installment in the hot new series everyone is raving about!

Q&A with Jerica MacMillan

Q: What’s special about the Players of Marycliff University series?

A: When I wrote these, I wanted them to be highly relatable. Yes, the guys are all hot college football players, but they have normal struggles with balancing school, family, and career goals with their personal relationships. Since it’s college romance, there’s a big emphasis on figuring out what you want out of life, but I think that’s a theme that resonates long past college age.

I do consider them a sports romance, but the football isn’t really the focus of the stories. The focus is on the characters and their relationships.

Q: What is the best order to read the books?

They’re all interconnected standalones, so it’s not completely necessary to read them in order, though I think it provides the best experience if you do. They were written and published in the following order:

Summer Fling
Convenient Fall
Managed Hearts

Q: Why should readers give these books a try?

Because they’re awesome!

In all seriousness, if you like steamy college romance with just the right amount of angst, then these books are perfect for you. The heroes are all hot college football players, and the heroines are spunky, sassy, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. They’re your new best friends just waiting for you to come and hang out!


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