Written by A.C. Whitten
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Even having a life of crippling debt and insomnia was too good to be true for Jason Gilmore. Eight years after Jason ran away to college to escape his abusive father, Jason’s brother, Lyle, shows up out of the blue. Lyle needs his help dealing with their schizophrenic mother who was doing everything but coping with their father’s recent death. Wanting to make things right after leaving without Lyle all those years ago, Jason returns to his hometown to lend a hand so Lyle can go away to school in the fall. But when two gruff men corner Jason at his father’s funeral, Jason learns his father pulled off one final scheme—stealing twenty-five grand worth of heroin and money from a drug dealer.

The young doctor must get into the mind of his drug addict father to find the stash before the men come after his family. Jason only hopes he can keep hold of his sanity long enough to see them get out of that town once and for all.


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