Stretch for Change: How To Improve Your Change Fitness And Thrive In Life

Written by Gustavo Razzetti
Category: · Business & Money

“A critical read for any leader to understand the tapestry of our changing times.” – Charles Adler, Co-founder, Kickstarter

Discover how to thrive in our unpredictable world. Re-engage with your passions and improve your leadership skills by stretching your mindset, embracing change, and improving your adaptability.

Change is threatening for most of us. The good news is that we can prepare for it. Just as we train our bodies to be fitter, we can train our mindsets and creativity to thrive in change.

When you are confronted with the unexpected, it can trigger your fight-or-flight instinct. But fear isn’t the response you need. If you embrace change, it can lead to inspiration—to new ideas and opportunities.

Now, change is occurring at a faster rate than ever, making adaptability a serious competitive advantage.

Stretch for Change explores a new approach to innovation to solve problems in both your personal and professional life.

In inspiring, easy-to-understand language, the book offers a simple framework and many exercises to transform your approach to change.

Author Gustavo Razzetti, a sought-after expert on change leadership, provides a pathway to help readers achieve their dreams and join the world of innovators. Choose change, and free yourself to improve your adaptability and problem solving skills.


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