Stranded No Where (The No Where Apocalypse Book 1)

Written by e a lake
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

“This can’t be possible. How am I going to survive?”

The 21st-century world has been dropped back into the early 1800s. No one knew it was coming, no one was prepared, and still TEOTWAWKI happens.

By himself on vacation in northern Michigan, Bob Reiniger determines he must survive. Even with no such survival skills. He will make new and strange
friends, and protect his property and life. Even though he’s not ready for it, he will do battle with those who want to take what’s his away.

Against all odds, Bob must survive the apocalypse. Even alone, in the middle of No Where.

Stranded No Where is the first book in e a lake’s newest series – The No Where Apocalypse.

Read this book now, before the final Apocalypse arrives.


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