Stolen: The Billionaire Deception (Contemporary Billionaire Romance Novel) (Stolen Series Book 1)

Written by Holly Rayner
Category: · Romance

A vengeful daughter with a secret, too driven in her ambitions to fall in love. Until Now.

From Amazon best-selling author Holly Rayner

Erin Summers is smitten; after working in close proximity with the gorgeously handsome Seth Winters – the extremely eligible bachelor son and heir of billionaire James Winters – she can already feel herself falling for his irresistible charm and charisma. And that makes her great deception all the more difficult…

Born Adele Morgan, the daughter of the late Sean Morgan, and rightful heir to the Hunter Corp business empire, Erin and her family were screwed out of her birthright by the nefarious and ruthless businessman James Hunter. Now, with a fake backstory and a route to infiltrate the company, Erin can finally take back what’s hers.

With her plans finally coming to fruition, her continued association with Seth throws her ambitions and ideals into turmoil. Caught between conflicting desires for the man she finds irresistible, and the livelihood and birthright she feels is rightfully hers, Erin has some tough decisions to make. Does she choose love or livelihood? Can she find a way to unite both?


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