Speech Therapy No More

Written by Heather Graham
Category: · Children’s Books

In a time of challenges and self-discovery, one young boy chooses to embrace them both.

Dave and Kathy Coolman’s son, Eli, is born a normal, healthy child. But, as Eli grows up, he develops a very troubling disability-a speech impediment. Dave and Kathy become at a loss as to how they can help their little boy overcome this unexpected difficulty.

Throughout his formative years in school, Eli’s troubles increase. He is acting out; his school work is suffering, and he is being horribly teased and bullied by the other students. As a hurting older child, Eli even begins lashing out at his own parents.

Then, Eli sees hope for himself, when he learns about his school’s basketball team tryouts. Dave encourages him to go for his dream and find a place for himself on the team.

Speech Therapy No More by Heather Graham is a moving tale written to help children-and their parents-overcome their personal challenges and disabilities and to go after their dreams with courage. The rewards are great for those-young and old-who dare to dream.


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