Sniffer: The little dog who loves to sniff: 3 – 7 years – for listening and early readers (Sniffer children´s books)

Written by Pippa Pennington

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Run Sniffer! Run!

Sniffer´s in trouble again.

Book one in the Sniffer series sees Sniffer, the puppy who loves to sniff, out and about on his travels finding all sorts of smelly, smells. He’s having a wonderful adventure until Growler, the big, angry dog next door, decides to ruin everything.

This book is a good starting point for early learning using the sense of smell. Social skills can be enhanced through discussion about Sniffer not listening to his mum.

The perfect story for children to listen to, or for early readers to read for themselves. Also suitable for picture reading and question provoking.

Suitable for all young kids who like to laugh, love humorous funny books, and enjoy a bit of naughtiness now and again.

Download Sniffer today and let your children follow the trail of trouble the little dog discovers.


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