Smarter Faster Better: Work Smarter, Not Harder and Be Productive in Life and Business (Productivity Hacks for Financial Freedom)

Written by Kor Marton
Category: · Business & Money

Why are some entrepreneurs extremely successful while others can barely scrape by? What do they do differently than the rest? Is there a pattern to success?

Successful people, too, have 24 hours in their day but as it turns out, they use effort multipliers and smart combinations of productivity hacks to outdo everyone else. They also avoid the obvious and even the not-so-obvious pitfalls.

Kor Marton is a bad boy street fighter turned revolutionary entrepreneur is now sharing his wealth of knowledge about the secret behind the superhuman productivity of successful people.

Smarter Faster Better introduces readers to:

  • Hacks, tips, and tricks to max out your productivity.

  • Proven concepts to get more done with less effort.

  • Working techniques to achieve great quality in less time.

You Too Can Be Super Productive NOW!

  • Learn how to shave hours, seconds and minutes off of your daily routine with simple, noninvasive adjustments.

  • Discover how to wake up energized and ready to work smart.

  • Uncover the modern world’s biggest time wasters and how to avoid them.

  • Become highly successful by making better choices regarding health and lifestyle.

Properly applying the collection of secret productivity hacks found in this book will help you unfold your full potential in no time! 

You Too Can Work Smarter, Faster and Better

 This book gives readers:

  1. Actionable steps for erasing possible pre-existing limitations.

  2. Practical insights to create habits that promote success.

  3. Behavioral techniques used by the most successful people on the face of this planet.

  4. Proven productivity concepts that can be applied instantly.

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Follow in the footsteps of thousands of successful, wealthy entrepreneurs and become a successful, highly productive person! 

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