Skeleton Jim: A Short Story

Written by J.R. Rain

SKELETON JIM is a successful private investigator in Seattle and he has two missions in life: He wants to help people, and he wants to be as good at solving cases as his fictional idols, Spenser and Marlowe. But that’s not easy, because Skeleton Jim is also a walking, talking skeleton…

With no gun, no shoes—heck, no pants—Skeleton Jim has a wry sense of humor, an eye for the ladies and a nose for urban crime. He’s also got Internet fans, a cult following and no explanation for what he is or how he was created. He seems to be just bare bones held together by wires, and yet, he lives, thinks and feels…and solves compelling crimes.

Skeleton Jim’s newest client is blonde bombshell Lucy Newman, a rich woman with a dead husband and two blackmail demands that arrive twelve years apart. Lucy thought the past was dead, but what she fears most is rising from the grave. And though she’s curious about the good detective himself, she’s got a big problem that will challenge his investigative expertise: Who is blackmailing her and how can this person be stopped?

As Skeleton Jim digs deeper, Lucy reveals a dark secret that will rattle his bones from head to toe. Can he solve this case and save Lucy from her past? Or will the truth come crashing down around them in a pile of bones?

SKELETON JIM is a unique, supernatural private investigator in this darkly funny short story from bestselling paranormal author J.R. Rain.


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