Simple Machines

Written by Andrew Mackay

Praise for Simple Machines:
“A glorious masterpiece.”
“The best work of fiction I have read all year.”
“Romeo & Juliet as imagined from a demented mind. Disturbing, yet perfect.”

No Ordinary Love Story.

In trying to build the perfect companion, Xander Manning found the real thing.

He was a successful businessman.
A lifetime devoted to constructing the perfect woman.

Chloe Armstrong was a struggling artist.
Half Xander’s age, and with twice the emotional baggage.

A chance encounter saw their paths cross…
A bond developed, and a love soon blossomed…

But not all was as it seemed.
The relationship was doomed to tragedy.

Only one of them saw it coming…

All they wanted was love, compassion and a sense of belonging.

They were simple machines, after all.
Just like you.

Discover the year’s biggest twist in this roller coaster romance suspense story that will leave you breathless…

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