Silly Monsters ABC: A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Picture Book for Kids

Written by Gerald Hawksley

“A Brilliant Creation!” – Algernon Blottington-Clampweasel
“Absolutely Beautiful! Clever!” – Amelia Belinda Cartwheel
A nonsensical rhyming alphabet picture book for kids featuring silly monsters, from the amblemoose to the zebozoo, not forgetting the spotty socksniffer (who sniffs socks with spots), the tea-toad (who hides in cracked teapots), the mouldy moop (who menaces mild-mannered mice) and the nasty nonk (who’s never very nice).
Learning your ABC has never been such silly fun!
(Kindle edition now includes extra pages of monster puzzles and jokes for your entertainment!)
“Alphabetical Brilliance, Certainly.” – A Bus Conductor
“Actually Bought Cartloads!” – A Big Cheese


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