Shaken Faith: Healing My Broken Spirit in the Midst of My Storm

Written by Sharanda Foster

It’s time to no longer hide behind your story but embrace it, learn and heal from it and move on to a better life.

In this story Sharanda reveals how her being adopted, almost dying, losing her job, being broke on welfare, having to deal with the distance of her family, and the long road she took to finding her way has affected her life and made her a stronger person spiritually and mentally.

She wasn’t sure how her life would turn out. Wondering where God was in the midst of it all while tears ran down her face and prayers were constantly flowing from her mouth. Not knowing if anyone cared and feeling alone. Here she was just waiting on prayers to be answered, waiting on a better life and waiting on a change.

Does this sound like you? Have you ever been through something in life and it caused your faith to be tested? If you have then Shaken Faith: Healing my Broken Spirit in the Midst of my Storm is not only Sharanda’s testimony but your testimony as well.

Because of her journey, Sharanda has experienced a spiritual transformation. She boldly expresses how God renewed her spirit and restored her faith.

Sharanda hopes that her story will help people renew their spirit and restore their faith regardless of their own past and life challenges.


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