Sewing: Everyday Sewing. Save Money by Doing your own Repairs and Basic Alterations (Sewing for Beginners, How to Sew, Stitches, Fix, Rips, Tears)

Written by Kathy Wilston
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Save Money by Doing Everyday Basic Repairs Yourself

How many times have you had a favorite garment get a rip or tear and had to either pay someone to fix it or toss it? Why not learn some basic sewing and mending techniques you can do easily at home to save you time and money? In this book we’ll start from scratch and learn the correct terminology, the basics of how sewing machines work, and the basics of hand stitching. Next I’ll share some techniques and tips on simple repairs to garments and accessories. I grew up sewing with my mother and grandmother and if one of us couldn’t mend something, it was truly a lost cause.

Are you ready to learn some new sewing skills and how to mend your everyday items? Okay then, let’s go!

We’ll learn some of the basic sewing supplies you’ll need as a beginner. You have a wide choice when it comes to sewing boxes. My mother bought me a tackle box I still use to this day, but there are lots of sewing baskets and boxes on the market. Look for ones which have storage compartments and places to store your spools of thread and bobbins. Really anything large enough to hold your supplies and keep you organized will work.

Hand sewing is practical for small repairs and alterations. There are many different brands of supplies you can choose from. Many times you can find a kit that will have what you need to get started. Here are the supplies you will need to start hand sewing and do your own repairs.

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