Sarah’s Shadow

Written by Nick Jones

If you could change something about yourself, would you do it? When Sarah Simpkins is teased about her shadow in the school playground, she finds herself wishing she didn’t have one. That night she has the chance to make the wish come true. But will losing her shadow really make her happy?

“Sarah’s Shadow is a sweet story about wish fulfilment not being all its cracked up to be. It has accessible but expansive vocabulary, impactful illustrations and a message of being comfortable in your own skin (shadow). Lovely stuff.” – Jill Murphy, The Bookbag

“I loved the upbeat message of this tale and the power that Sarah finds when she rediscovers her shadow and becomes herself. Si Clark s illustrations are fabulous, especially in the detail of the facial expressions of the characters in the story and Sarah s amazing shadow creatures … Sarah’s Shadow is most highly recommended.” – Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite


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