Sammy The Sheep Dog (Adventures of Sammy The Sheep Dog Book 1)

Written by Rob Dallowe

Sammy loves having fun with his friends at the Valley Home for Lost Dogs, but why is it taking him so long to find his forever home? Join him on his adventure as he tries to find out.

Perfect for bedtime reading and early readers, this delightful book introduces the incredibly cute Border Collie puppy, Sammy The Sheep Dog. When the news arrives that Sammy has finally found a new owner, Sammy worries that his new life may not be all that he was hoping for. When the other animals at the Valley Home confuse Sammy with their tall tales, Sammy wonders if he might be better off running away. However, a chance encounter with a kindly stranger sets Sammy back on the right track.

This heart-warming tale has a great deal to teach about animal welfare and is accompanied by a beautiful illustration on every page, making the book a surefire hit with all children who love animals.

This book is a standalone story, but if you enjoy it then it’s great to know that there are more books that will let your kids follow Sammy on his further adventures…

Adventures of Sammy The Sheep Dog series:

Do your children like animal stories and fun picture books? If the answer is yes then they will love the Adventures of Sammy the Sheep Dog by Rob Dallowe. Written especially for children aged 3-6, the books are great to read to the kids, or to let them read for themselves – The range of words used by the author are just enough to challenge younger children without causing any major difficulty. As well as being full of laughs for children and adults alike, the stories all have an educational aspect, a great moral – and, of course, a happy ending!

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